Office of the Chief Sachem

Dear Members of the Narragansett Indian Tribe:

Over the course of the past several years there have been numerous, for lack of better terminology “splinter groups”, social clubs/organizations that have been attempting to formulate an entity which would rival and compete with the Narragansett Indian Tribe, Chief Sachem, and Tribal Council.  These entities have never sought approval from the Tribal Assembly, Tribal Council, or Chief Sachem.  They not only misrepresent the Tribe, they have also attempted to reclaim land.  Their very actions continue to defame the Narragansett Indian Tribe, which is the only federally recognized Tribe in Rhode Island.  Several of these entities in an attempt to confuse state, town, and federal officials have used different variations of historic tribal names and tribal history. 

There are certain individuals who have willingly and knowingly identified themselves as leaders and/or members of said splinter groups, who wish to maintain continuity and continue to attend Narragansett Indian Tribal Monthly Meetings with the intent to further infiltrate and bolster their own status.  In response to this, correspondence was crafted and distributed to said individuals which outlined the inability and prohibition to attend and participate in Narragansett Indian Tribal Monthly Meetings, as they were actively attempting to establish their own “groups”.  These individuals are inevitably attempting to refuse said request, in essence continuing on to do as they wish.  It is with the understanding that if there is the desire to formulate individual “splinter groups”, social clubs, etc., it must be done in a manner that is separate and apart from the Narragansett Indian Tribe; as no such group shall fall under the auspices of the Tribe.  Said “splinter groups” cannot have it both ways…infiltrating the Tribe and working with others of similar mind sets in an effort to compete against the only federally recognized Tribe in the State of Rhode Island.

After conferring with both Tribal Police and the Tribal Judge, it was duly recommended that the Tribe postpone meetings for the interim in the interest of public safety.  The Chief and Tribal Council will convene to formulate a Tribal wide Referendum Vote to end this travesty of controversy rather than rehash this situation time in time again for each individual splinter group.  Once information is gathered and organized a Tribal wide mailing with all pertinent information (dates, necessary details, etc.) will be sent out.  Monthly meetings will cease until the Tribal Assembly resolves this situation.  As Chief Sachem I firmly believe this to be the most fair and expeditious way to resolve this matter; a Tribal wide Referendum Vote where the tribal body maintains final approval.

A notice for the Tribal wide Referendum will be forwarded accordingly.

Thank you for your time.


Anthony Dean Stanton

Chief Sachem