Education Department

The Education Department oversees three programs that provide educational opportunities to assist all Tribal members to become employable, productive, and self-sufficient.

We have successfully collaborated with a number of outside agencies:

• Washington County Adult Learning Center

• Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center

• South County Community Action Program

• University of Rhode Island Talent Development Program

• Community College of Rhode Island

• Rhode Island College

• University of Massachusetts at Amherst

• All Local Public Schools

• Adult Education Program

 The adult education program offers an opportunity for adult Tribal members to complete their high school education. Financial and academic/tutorial assistance is provided. The program also provides learning skills instruction and cultural education awareness.

Higher Education Program

The Higher Education Program assists Narragansett Indian students working toward college degrees at the bachelor and graduate level. Financial assistance, which is based on financial need, is provided to supplement the cost of tuition and educational materials. Guidance and career counseling are available to students seeking a higher education degree.

Johnson O’Malley Program

The Johnson O’Malley program provides Indian children with the chance to receive a quality education through academic tutoring, counseling and workshops. Services are provided that meet the unique and special needs of Indian children that are not met by other departments or agencies. They are available to any federally recognized Indian students and their parents.