Environmental Program

Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management
Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management is committed to protecting the health and welfare of the Tribal culture, Community, and the natural environment by preserving, conserving, restoring, and enhancing the Reservation environment through the collection and analysis of high quality natural resource data and facilitating environmentally sound resource management, planning, policy development, and community outreach. The program is also committed to the protection of the environment and human health on the Narragansett Indian Reservation through management and regulation of use activities.

Programs include: indoor and outdoor air quality, non-point source pollution, management and clean-up of solid and hazardous waste, planning for hazardous incident response, emergency response, Hazard Mitigation and Planning, control of invasive species, Safe Drinking Water, wetland protection and regulation, habitat restoration, habitat management, shoreline study, sensitive areas and other natural resources, environmental ordinance and policy development and environmental review. The programs identified are funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency.