Housing Department

The Narragansett Indian Housing Program is dedicated to providing affordable housing for Tribal members on or around the Reservation through its programs.

The HUD/Traditional Indian Housing Development Grant
This program has funded construction of 12 one-bedroom public housing units for Tribal elders at the Wetuomuck Housing Village off King’s Factory Road in Charlestown. All funding for the Village remains frozen until the Tribe and Town of Charlestown sign a Local Cooperation Agreement. Currently the State, Tribe, and Town have agreed to complete the development and provide for the occupancy of the existing 12 units. It is expected that the 12 existing units will be the first phase of a multi-phased development program.

HUD/Indian Housing Block Grants for Tribal Homeowners
This program funds home improvement projects (up to $30,000) in Washington County. Tribal homeowners who need home repairs or renovations should contact the Tribal Housing Office to apply for Tribal Homeowners Improvement Assistance.

BIA/Home Improvement Program Grants
These home improvement grants are offered to Tribal members with extremely low incomes, who own and live in substandard homes and who need funds for home improvement.

HUD/Indian Housing Block Grants
These grants provide home buyer down payment assistance, rental assistance, and construction and management business opportunities for Tribal members. Those members seeking assistance should contact the Tribal Housing Office.

Sanitary Facility Construction Grants
These grants for homeowners provide assistance for wells and “emergency repair” ISDS installation in Washington County. These are available on a first come, first served basis for Tribal members who apply.